Busytank.io is a third-person-shooter game where you play as a tank. You can select a local bussiness from our collection of partner to help support it. The game has two modes, Battle Royale, and Defuse-the-Bomb. The players' chosen business's logos are displayed on the tank, advertising it to other players. When the logo is hovered over, a panel appears above the tank, containing information about the business and its website's link.


In "Battle Royale", 20 tanks are launched down into the map from a airplane (or helicopter), and collect loot, ranging from repair supplies to gun attachments. The last tank remaining undestroyed is the winner of the game.
In "Defuse the Bomb", two teams of 5 tanks are pitted against each other in a map. They collect loot and fight but each team has their own seperate goal. One team attempts to plant a bomb and prevent it from getting defused. The other team tries to defuse the bomb, and prevent it from exploding.



When a player first enters into a game, they will get to choose a small business to advertise on their tanks from our collection of partners. If they would like to support their own favorite business, players can fill out a form so that we can send a letter to them. We will also display on our homepage the businesses who use digital currency. When a player clicks or hovers over another player's logo, a little pop-up of background information on the business will appear, including a link to the business's website, which might help a player find an interesting business nearby, which they in turn would visit.